Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 3 - Love Needs No Translator

Chris and Gretchen quietly snuck out of the hotel room early in the morning on Wednesday. They had court in Moscow, and so we were flying on our own with no translator at the orphanage. We had to check out of the hotel and take our luggage with us, so walking was out of the question. There was some wifi at the hotel so we pulled up a translation program on the phone and played it to ask the receptionist to call us a taxi. Chris had recorded the name of the orphanage on my phone and we played it for the driver. He didn't know if, but made a phone call and gave me a reassuring "Da." And of course, there was a new guard at the gate who stopped us. A simple "Dobre Ootra" didn't do it. So I threw out a "Polina Mama Eee Papa." Apparently it was enough because his phone conversation ended and we passed. The morning caregiver/teacher Galina spoke to us in Russian for the entire 4 hours. We got some, assumed some and probably misinterpreted some.

When we got there, Polina was in class. She was finishing up practicing her writing. We snuck up quietly behind her. The highlight of this day was the surprise on our little girl's face when she saw me. I got it on video!!!

And on this day...Daddy made a mess! He fed her Nutella on little bread sticks. He says she looks like a bird eating out of his hands in the first picture. The rest show just how much of a fun, bonding experience this was for Daddy and his little girl!

Yep - pretty sure the caregivers weren't thrilled about that one! That's okay - it was well worth it!

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