Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Ways to Help

UPDATE: Our matching grant with Titus Task was matched  thank you all for blessing us!

I've been hesitant to post information about donations for several reasons, but so many have asked, and we are going forward with travel plans, so I've decided to go ahead and share.

We have been blessed to be given a matching grant by Titus Task. To get more information or to donate, you can visit: http://www.thetitustask.com/skaggs-family.html

Also, if you are an employee of the Bentonville School District, you can contact HR to donate a personal day to me to be used for leave when we travel back to Russia. That is worth quite a bit to our family as I am out of days at this time. Thank you to the two people that donated for the last trip!

Thanks for your consideration!


  1. I've just read, that "the children for whom there are court rulings will leave to be united with their new parents". If it's true, I'm soooo happy for you!

  2. Dear Kendra, Please see photos from the rally in Moscow: http://www.google.ru/search?hl=ru&newwindow=1&client=safari&tbo=d&biw=480&bih=269&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=фото+с+марша+против+подлецов&oq=фото+с+марша+против+подлецов&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3...9024.11807.0.13478.
    I have been there and would like to help when you are here, will write a pm to you, name's Irina K. fm Moscow.

  3. Hi, I am Elena, I am russian, but I live in Canada. I pray for you, your family and your daughter. Are your allowed to bring her home? The pastor our Moscow's Church has adopted four kids from Russia, he is from Norway.
    Especially about first one they had big fight. Only after government in Norway was changed, them was allowed bring the child home. Stay strong.

  4. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/16/world/europe/in-russia-ban-on-us-adoptions-creates-rancor-and-confusion.html?_r=2&

  5. We just saw this (good?) news and thought of you--have you heard anything yet??? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/18/world/europe/russia-to-let-us-adoptions-in-last-stages-proceed.html?src=recg

  6. http://avmalgin.livejournal.com/3547256.html#comments

    Russian courts have received an official document from the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation which clarifies that the children shoe adoptions have been approved by the Russian courts before January 1, 2013, CAN bring their children to the US. According to your timeline, Polina's court date was in 2012 and therefore she should be able to join your family despite this new law. God bless!

  7. Good news.
    A supreme court order allows the kids for which the court decision has already been made to join their families. See the article.


  8. Hi Kendra!

    My name is Courtney Yarberry and I'm a photographer from Central Arkansas. I read your story and it was put on my heart to offer you a photo session when you bring your princess home. I am a member of an organization called Red Thread Sessions and I'm a also a special needs mom, and would just love to give your family photos.

    If you're interested you can contact me at courtney at courtneyyarberryphotography dot com


  9. I am assuming you have Polina now? you dont have to post this I was just trying to find out if you got her? We are in St Pete and we have got our little boy going back home Feb 2nd. Praying you should of gotten her President Putin said everyone with 30 day wait can take there children home. Blessings Anne I look forward to seeing Polina.