Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kadir is Dead: Can Putin ADOPT a New Attitude?

A 7-year-old child died in a Russian institution yesterday. It was senseless. He didn't have to be in a n institution. He had an American family waiting for him. He could have been in a family, known the love of a family. He never had that chance. His human rights were clearly violated. 

It's hard for me to write about. I'm angry, grieving, thanking God we got Polina home and feeling guilty at the same time that these parents and others just like them did not get theirs home. I woke up this morning with a heart to plead with President Putin....if not all orphans, can we at least adopt the special needs ones who need families and medical care most deeply? Do you have the humility it takes to give these children that gift, sir? I really don't believe that you want them to die like this.

Yes, there are tragedies even in America with American children and Russian adopted children. Not every situation turns out the way we would like it to, but most do. You know, Mr. President, how many of these kids are dying in your facilities everyday. It took 20 years for 20 of them to die in America. It's not far-fetched to estimate 20 of them die there everyday. Kadir happens to have had a family and a facilitator who loved him enough to put his story out there in representation of these kids that are hidden away, Sir. 

With all due respect, soften your heart. Give them hope. Give them a family and a future and a shot at life. They don't have a shot in your system. I wish they did. I would support it if they did. But they don't. You know that. 

These kids say it better than me....better than I ever could. These are Russian-born, American-adopted children asking you to please change your mind. These are not politicians and they don't care about politics. They are children...begging you!

(I understand that the Russian Subtitles need some work, but I felt it was better to share it anyway)

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  1. That video was amazing and brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing woman making a difference in this world!