Friday, November 23, 2012

Auction Update

For those of you who know us personally, or are FB friends, you know that we have had a very difficult few weeks. For those of you that are now wondering - we had a whirlwind of excitement at the miraculous conception of a baby, only to find out that there were problems and eventually loose the baby. Thus, I have not been up to blogging. I have lots of thoughts, but haven't had them organized concisely enough to blog them. When I did begin to write, it was more of a book than a blog.

BUT, here's the good news! Our silent auction fundraiser was a BLAST! We had so much fun sharing some of our story and visiting with friends! The band was amazing and the photo booth pictures ROCKED! We have so many people to thank for helping us pull it off - you know who you are and we are thankful to ALL of you. In the end, after expenses, we raised....drumroll please.... $3000!

Please join us in prayer for a Christmas court date. Besides the obvious fact that we want to get our girl home as soon as possible, Carter will be with his dad in California and it would save us many lost wages at work for me to be able to travel during the winter break. After our first trip, and then the doctors appointments and surgery after the loss of the baby, I am out of days off at work, so all travel and adjustment time once home will be un-paid for me.

Thank you all for your support and prayers!

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  1. Kendra,
    Beautifully said. I needed to read this today, thanks for sharing your heart!