Monday, October 28, 2013

Launching Polina's Promise

It's been busy around here lately with all the fall events! I haven't had a lot of time to blog because I've been organizing and planning the Launch of Polina's Promise - a nonprofit benefitting orphans and special needs families worldwide. To keep up with the updates, you will want to like our Facebook page at:

We are having a Dinner, Documentary and Dessert Launch Party on Nov. 16th at the Lodge at Fellowship Bible Church in Rogers, AR. We will show Mama's, Kids, and the Law Documentary over Dinner and discuss how we came to be and how we plan to impact the world of orphans and special needs children! We will also have a live dessert auction and some silent auction items available. You can find out more on our Facebook Event Page:

We are anticipating the proof for our logo today, and once we have finalized it, we will draw a winner for the Tshirt contest on our Facebook Page. Just like and share our page and comment on the contest post that you did. Right now, the odds are great - 1 in 20!

There is one other way you can win a T-shirt. Please visit the following blog:

This is a dear, dear friend of mine that I met through the process of adopting Polina. She followed us and supported us and we were able to meet her in July. Our family was so blessed by donations for Polina's adoption and we are so thankful for that! We wouldn't have gotten our baby girl home in time without it. I have personally donated money and time to Sofi's adoption, and now, I'm asking you to donate. I will hold a second drawing for a Polina's Promise Tshirt on Nov. 4th. You will get an entry for every $5 you donate towards Sofi Rose's adoption. Just leave a comment here letting me know what your donation was (it will go to my inbox and not be published). I will verify it with Tracy and we will draw a winner in one week.

Thanks friends! I look forward to sharing more as things develop!

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