Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not in "The Six"

The roller coaster of emotion that has been the past couple of weeks since arriving in Moscow on Dec. 16th has taken another turn - a long, plunging, death defying drop!

It's the kind where your breath is taken away. When you feel you might loose your lunch.

I have discovered that Polina is not one of "The Six" that are spoken of. It seems that those are children whose parents have not only been through court, but whose 30 day waiting period is over prior to January 1st. There are far more than 6 families that expect to return in January to get their children...families who have already cleared court, but are not through the 30 day waiting period.

Why a 30 day waiting period? In case her biological parents come to get her. Her mother never even called to check on her welfare. I don't think she's coming to get her!

Let me say this. Communication is non-existent in this issue right now. Register with the State Department is all anyone has officially been told by anyone that I know. I know they don't want to tell us something and be wrong. But something, anything would be nice. Even if it is that they won't know anything until....... Could there be a light in the waiting?

I don't expect to hear anything until after January 8th. Do you know how far away that is? When you have to sometimes remember to breathe, it's a long way! Everything in Russia shuts down around New Year's. This year, they have 8 days of holiday after New Year's when EVERYTHING is closed. No one goes to work. And so, I don't expect anything can be done or figured out during that time.

I'm angry. I'm hurt. I'm sad.

I'm breathing. I'm resting in the promises of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's all I can do. It's the only peace and hope I have!


  1. I've been checking back for an update almost hourly. I am heartsick over this and what it means for your family... I continue to pray

  2. If Russian officials are on Christmas break for the next week, its entirely possible the state department has nothing to tell you yet.

    If the mandatory 30 day waiting period isn't yet over, then Polina is not yet your daughter in a legal sense - she's still a referral. (In your heart she's your daughter, but you do not yet have a legal claim to her).

    It is interesting how you feel entitled to the girl - and that the State Department is obligated to assist you in claiming her. Good thing Russia's not a sovereign state that is perfectly entitled to not let you (or any American) adopt this or any other Russian child. Russia is totally not allowed to be upset that the USA violated the adoption treaty (denying consular access to one Maxim Babayev, abused Russian-born kid who resides in Florida).

    1. WOAH're getting onto this MOTHER for feeling "entitled?" That's rich. This is a mother who CARES deeply for the well being of this child that EVERYONE else has discarded. You have no right berate her for feeling DEVASTATED that she may not be allowed to provide a home for a child that has been cast aside by her own people.

    2. If you don't care about Kendra's feelings, think about Polina's shok and grief when she learns that her mother can't take her home!!!

      You are a human being or a politician?

    3. MissMuffett. if you cannot offer support to Kendra then stay off her blog!!!!

  3. Dear Kendra!
    It is true that nothing works around and after New Year Day in Russia. Christmas is celebrated on January 7 there. Many families are affected by the new adoption law. Yesterday, I saw a man from NJ on the news who was crying and asking Mr Putin to stop this law...he and his wife were in the process of adopting a little boy from Russia. They got his room, clothes, and stroller ready...
    Anyways, I wish you the best.Please remain patient and hopeful.

  4. Dear Kendra,
    I'm sorry that the terrible state in which the whole Russian political system is (I'm sure you have noticed that state by yourself with this whole anti-Magnitsky act deal by now) is impacting your life in such a painful way. This shouldn't happen to anyone, ever. This shouldn't happen to orphaned kids.

    Please be assured that at least a significant part of the Russian population does not support that kind of political retaliation. There is, however, a need of strong power display ("do we look menacing to you yet?") at the very heart of this illegitimate government, and so far no one has succeeded in trying to oppose its decisions.

    And this kind of behaviour looks even more despicable when children like your kid are involved. I hope you'll be able to proceed with the adoption anyway, since the court trials have already happened, with the help of lawyers if you must. I hope that one day, there will be a Russian government with deputees that actually care about their fellow citizens, and not only about securing their wealth. And that one day, it will protect children, and not criminals.

    Don't give up. Best wishes in the coming year for you and your girl, from the bottom of my heart.

    Another Russian citizen, ashamed of being Russian right now.

  5. Putin is Jewish according to Halakhah, not Russian, so is Medvedev.

    Although Russians don't have any national self-consciousness and are well-known for leaving their children when they become sick and hating and torturing their children in their childhood.

  6. Praying for you and your family, see you soon! Earl, Kim and Gunnar Woods

  7. Dear Kendra,

    It's so sad to read posts like yours... I truly hope that things will work out well for you and little Polina. It is just unexplainable how this law could have ever been signed and come into force. Could have ever been thought of!

    In Russia there is much resentment to this law. Hope one day it will be strong enough to reverse this cruel decision (and some others) made by a bunch of policymakers.

    Our hearts are with you and orphans waiting for being adopted.
    Another Russian citizen

  8. I don't know what to say.
    There was a period in my life when I had to wait and could do nothing. It was hard. I pray our Lord to help you and Polina. No parent should be separated from their child.
    You are not alone. You have friends in Russia. And we won't allow heartless people to spoil your family. Not now.
    May be God just want us, Russians, to pay attention to our children, to think and to take care of our orphans. So that this evill bill will bring something good.
    In the hardest period of my life one thought helped me not to give up: even after the polar night the sun rises.
    God bless you.
    Praying for you and your family.

  9. Praying for you, stay strong!

  10. I'm thinking a "grey" market for adoption will be in place very quick. Children can be first "adopted" by families from other countries and then you can come and get her home. Hope you will find a way!

  11. Dear Kendra, my heart is bleeding for you and Polina. I hope everything works out well in the end...

    Yet another Russian ashamed of her country's government...


  12. Dear Kendra! Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will never leave us, and always will. I am sure that Pauline will be with you, with your husband and your son. We in Russia, support you, we pray for you and your reunion with Pauline. May God bless you and your family.
    Yours Russian Orthodox friend.

  13. Dear Kendra,
    Your story is absolutely heartbreaking, and we-people have to do everything we can to solve the problem. So , if you send me all information( email phone, etc..) I will try to give it to my friends in Moscow. The more people know about it- the better! I was born in Russia, now I live in Canada Be strong, you are fighting with evil! Alla

  14. Dear Kendra I sent the comment, but it is not in the comments yet. So I decided to send the comment one more time. It is heartbreaking and very sad. You have to talk loudly in USA and in Russia. There are more good people then bad.I already sent information about Polina to some russian sites. Let's hope With respect Alla Ps email:

  15. Even if Polina is not one of the six, there is another chance for you now. One of the Duma (parliament) members has already proposed an amendment to this law, excluding disabled children from it.

    The possibility that they will vote for it is rather high (since it was offered by United Russia member, and they can't do a step on their own, so maybe it was approved by Putin or someone close to him). Duma will definitely discuss it after the holidays, so I would pray for this chance.

  16. Dear Kendra,

    Your story touched my heart. I am so sorry that you have to go through this! Polina is so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom as you are. You are Polina's Mom, no stupid law can change this! I am Russian, and I was talking to my Mom who is in Moscow, and she assured me this situation is just temporary. Russians are outraged with this law. First of all, everyone knows that election of Putin was rigged, and then, he is playing politics with lives of Russian children. Russia is loudly disapproving his actions. So I truly believe, it is a matter of time. May God bless you and your family and reunite you all soon!


  17. Prayers for you and your family. I read your story in the Arkansas Democrat and sought out your blog to see is Polina was in the six. May God grant your strength and peace during this turbulent time.