Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Russian People

I want Polina to be proud of who she is and where she came from. I want to watch the Olympics with her and cheer for the Russian gymnasts and figure skaters. Those are my particular summer and winter favorites, but we'll cheer for hers too!
Of course we have been taking pictures of her country like crazy to have for her. We hope to take her to some of the major landmarks and take pictures with her there when we go back to get here. That's the easy part.
I've been thinking about what I'm going to tell her about Russia to help her be proud of her heritage. The thing I want to tell her most about is the Russian people. They have endured so much over their lives - living during the Soviet Era, the Cold War, and then the tearing down of the Berlin wall and fall of the Soviet Union. Nevermind the harsh winters!
When you see Russians on the street or in the Metro, they may seem rough on the outside, but wouldn't you too? It's not their style to smile and say hello. But when you get to know them, you see that that is just an outer shell.
The Russians I have met have been kind, loving, compassionate people. They love their country and families. They have been welcoming and appreciative of us adopting a special needs child from their country. We have received many thank you's and well-wishes from the orphanage caregivers to people we meet on the streets. Even the orphanage director who told us directly that she doesn't agree with adoption of these children really wants them to have what's best. She just has different ideas of that than we do.
And so, I will tell my dear Polina that her people loved her, they cared deeply for her, and they wanted her to be in a family that loved her and could care for her. I'm so thankful for those people!


  1. Hi Kendra, my name is Kirit Radia with ABC News. I came across your blog and would like to speak with you about your efforts to adopt Polina. I sent you a message on Facebook with my contact information. I hope to hear from you soon (we are working on the story for today). Thanks very much in advance

  2. Hello!
    My name is Polina,I am from Russia. I've been following your story and wholeheartedly worried about you. Just want you to know that many people are praying for you and wants little Polly was finally with HER REAL family, which loves her!)
    I wish you luck and pray of you!

  3. Hi, my name is Nina. I was born in USSR and now live in Canada. I was crying reading your blog, dear Kendra. Your situation as it is now is an example how stupid politicians can break life of the ordinary people to small fragments.
    I wish you and your loved ones good luck in a New Year, and let little Polina be in your arms for the next Christmas season.

  4. Hi, Kendra!

    My name is Anna and I have just read your story through a Russian blog.
    I am a Russian and I am totally devastated by this hypocritic, cruel and absolutely pagan and inhuman law about to be enacted. I am a lawyer myself and that makes the burden even worse.

    I do hope there will be a loop which will allow you and the other families who have passed through that excruciating Russian adoption process, to join with the kid you already love. I do wish you and Polina a long and happy life together.

  5. Dear Kendra, your loving heart will overcome all the torubles with adoption. Thank you and all american families that rise our orphans. God bless you!

  6. Dear Kendra,

    I live in Russia and I feel sorry for you and all the American families who found themselves in such a terrible situation. It is very sad that our country is ruining real kids' lives in order to protect some stupid 'state interests' and get back some 'national pride'. Unfortunately thing like that happened many times in our history and now we can see that this cruel system is still alive.

    Now, when our parliament have accepted the law, the only hope is for Putin not to sign it right now (but as he seems to be a heartless and cruel person, frankly the chances are rather low).

    But then there will still be a chance to struggle to call off this law. I know many people who are ready to go out for demonstrations or some actions to try to persuade officials that it is really unfair.

  7. Dear Kendra, this willainous law hasn't been signed by Putin yet, but he promise to do it.
    Still I pray with all my hart and ask God to bring your Princes home.
    If in force I hope the law would be changed soon.
    Anyway there is my mail If you need any help in Russia - please wright to me I'll do my best to help you.


  8. Hello Kendra, russian senator Evgeny Tarlo( is thinking that Americans, who want to adopt Russian children with disabilities, don't exist.

    He wants to see "The list" of these Americans :)

    You can feel free to wrote him about your problem. This situation will be VERY interesting for all Russian People.

  9. Dear Kendra,

    And I'm from Russia too. Your story was published in popular Russian blog so we are all here. I'd like to say that I terrible sorry due this inhuman situation and I cross my fingers and hope that you'll join with your daughter asap and forget about this horror forevermore. Be strong, Kenrda, for all of us.

  10. Dear Kendra!
    I very touched by your story.
    I truly wish that Polina would get a chance to reunite with you, her parents.
    Happy holidays,

  11. Wish you and your family all the very best! Alex from Moscow

  12. Thank you for taking care of our children, for your kindness. I hope that all goes well and you will be with your daughter.

  13. Dear Kendra,
    I'm really sorry that people who act so stupid and cruel are govern my country.
    I hope you will be happy with Polina soon.

    Sincerely yours,

  14. Dear Kendra,

    I am russian and i would like to tell you "thank you very much" with all my heart. When i have read about you and Polina i have been crying.
    Polina has no chance on ordinary life here, in Russia.
    I will pray for her. She needs a home and she must get it.

    Please, fight for her and we wiil try to help here.

    With love,

  15. You are incredible.
    I dont think that the Russian government will be decided on this inhumane step.
    Be strong and resistant.

  16. Dear Kendra, I wish you to see your daughter next month. I will think about you and her. And here is my email you could contact me if you need. Irina, Moscow.

  17. God help our children... Putin will surely sign the law, I only hope you'll manage to bring your princess home before the ban...
    I'll pray for you and little Polina.
    Stay strong.


  18. Hello—I'm an American mom living in Moscow and I'll be at the protest on January 13th there against this horrid law... Really praying for you and Polina. If I can do anything at all while you're in Moscow, you can contact me through my blog: I'm in the US for the school holiday right now, but we'll get back on 1/11. The news coming out is so conflicting; I really pray that it would take a year for the new law to go into effect and you could still bring Polina home!

  19. Putin signed the law

  20. Dear Kendra. I am deeply touched by your story. You are a wonderful human being. Unlike barbarians who rule Russia now. Not all Russians support them. All the best to you.
    Leo from Moscow.

  21. Thank you Kendra.
    Thank you.
    God bless your family.

  22. Let god help you through hard times!
    I can't help myself but tearing when I read the blog.
    I'm sure you'll get through this and reunite as a whole family!
    Thank you.

  23. Я плачу, читая о происходящем. Я хочу, чтобы вы знали, что моя семья поддерживает вас. Есть ли что-то что простой человек может для вас сделать? Я болею за вас душой, я знаю, что Полина будет с Вами!

  24. Hi Kendra,
    It's so unfair... Maybe this is not your way but if Putin make unfair things why you should be fair with Russian system? I mean - maybe now you should to steal Polina

  25. It's a shit-country, Russia.

    Yulia, St. Petersburg.

  26. Kremlin fuhrer's name is Cannibal.

  27. Thank you Kendra.
    Thank you.
    God bless your family.

  28. sincerely hope you will reunite soon. don't give up hope.

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  30. Kendra,

    "Напомним, что в настоящий момент Россия является участником соглашения с США об усыновлении. Данный международный нормативно-правовой акт стоит выше внутреннего российского закона, так что и по вступлении в силу последнего усыновление теоретически могло бы продолжаться еще год - столько времени должно пройти с момента уведомления о расторжении договора.

    Однако в течение этого года смогут выехать из страны лишь те сироты, судебное решение по которым уже было или еще будет принято до 1 января. Те же дети, которые находятся в процессе выполнения необходимых процедур, разрешения на выезд уже не получат. Потому что с 1 января российские суды не смогут одобрить усыновление, так как оно станет незаконным."

    It appears from your earlier posts that the court has already approved the adoption. From the text above (use google translate) it looks like you may well still be ok. On a caution side try be careful what you write in the blog. Your love to the girl is incredible, no law or directive to improve child care can replace it. If there is a legal way to go I find it unlikely anyone there will go against you.

    Alex, Philippines.

  31. We are all support you!
    Good luck and keep fighting.

  32. Kendra, don't give up. The world sees the ban for what it is and both the Russian and American people will not let it rest. I am a father of a daughter adopted from St. Petersburg. I know the effort and the anticipation of the process. I did not experience what you are going through now, but like many, I am supporting you. The best things in life do not come easy. The fight for Polina is one of these things. Just don't give up.t

  33. Kendra, this is my letter to President Putin, which he read this morning My hubby and I are being scheduled to meet with Putin soon.

    I am from the Dolgorukov family in Russia. I own the #1 film company in Russia. My hubby had me tell the Kremlin on Friday, if Putin does not change his mind about adoptions, he was going to the Guilds to have them ban filming in Russia. Additionally, my company would not film in Russia either. 24 hours later, we were contacted by Putin's assistant.

    I have been discussing this matter with him all weekend. Keep the faith.

    My hubby has a way of making people see things his way. Jonathon is a descendant of Romanian Prince Vlad Tepes. People get Jonathon's point. One way or another :))

    Email me at: and I can get a message to your daughter Polina. And give you a message from Putin's assistant.