Friday, September 6, 2013

Friends, Family, Disneyland, and the BEACH!!!

At the end of May, Polina and I drove over 1500 miles across the country to visit my family and friends in California. What a trip it was to meet other families who have children with Spina Bifida and have prayed for us, to visit the beach and go to Disneyland. We had a blast!

On the way, we we were privileged to stay overnight with a Russian family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had breakfast at Tim's Place - the only restaurant in the world owned by someone with Down's Syndrome. It was really awesome! Tim is a great guy and his family a great model of what kids with "disabilities" can do when they grow up in a supportive family!

On our first day, we went and met some new friends that had followed our adoption journey through the internet and supported us with prayer and also financially. It was so great to meet them in person and I know they will be lifetime friends! I learned so much from the mom's and the kiddos!

The beach was a BLAST! It was a great day weather-wise and the waves were huge! Polina loved the water and the sand. Granny Kay, Aunt Katie and Aunt Katy went with us. It was so much fun!

And then there was Disneyland! Polina's favorite princess was Cinderella. I'm pretty sure Polina was Cinderella's favorite too! As we walked in, Cinderella said, "Oh, look at this princess in her carriage." It was then that I began fighting tears! Polina told Cinderella how she had come from the orphanage in Russia and now she had a family. What was Cinderella's response...."Oh, so all your dreams have come true!" And then..well...I couldn't hold the tears back anymore! Cinderella stopped the line and escorted Polina to meet Ariel and Aurora and spent a lot of time with her. It was the first thing we did during the day and it would have been worth the time and expense if it was the only thing we did all day. The pictures tell the story!

Oh, and in the mornings, Polina had dance parties with her Baba!

It was all great fun and we can't wait to go back again!


  1. Wow. A truly magical summer for Polina and the family!

    Will you write about the operation and the further prognosis?

  2. She looks like she is having fun. How did the operation go?

  3. I love the Disneyland princesses. Thank you Cinderella. How wonderful. I would have been sobbing.

    Sue - WI