Monday, September 23, 2013

The BIG News

Some events came into play today that changed the way I wanted to announce this, but I promised a blog post last night, so I better live up to it! I know some of you said you are on the edge of your seat...and I don't want you to fall off...especially because it's not what you're thinking!

I am working on opening a local, domestic adoption agency here in Northwest Arkansas. I have the full backing of the state agency licensing representative and hope to appear before the board to receive licensing in November.

We are currently in need of a Web designer and funding, so if you're interested, please contact me!


  1. Kendra, God help you in your deeds!
    Grow stronger with your project, and when the time comes MAY BE you will be able to help other orphans and disabled kids in Rusia.
    And thanks for your constant interest in our local events.
    I can hardly help you any other way now, may be give a shout-out among few of my US friends.
    So, loving what you do and sending you rays of support ))))