Friday, September 6, 2013

Random Summer Fun Photos

We went to the park and took some fun pictures

Last Day of School Celebration May 2013

It was a BLAST out on the lake with my best friend's family!

It was a fun day of learning at the Science Museum of Oklahoma
I learned how loud race cars are when I went to watch my Papa Bill's Teams in Missouri

We got a dog, went hiking, celebrated Independence Day, got hair cuts, played at the park and went to birthday parties

I visited special people including my Great Grandma and Great Aunt and special Prayer Warrior


  1. Love the pictures! I have been following your family for months maybe because my middle name is Joy, too! Your love for Paulina is so inspirational. Keep up the posts! I love reading about your family and especially seeing Paulina progress. She has come such a long way in such a short time! God bless you.

  2. Well with all due respect, and I don't mean any harm in saying this but Polina won the adoption from Russia lottery and all these photos of her living life like a star with trips to Disneyland and the Ocean makes all those other Russian kids with no families and maybe no hope for the future look like unlucky losers. Perhaps be a little more humble in how you are showing the world how your kid is living it up. Its the truth Polina won the adoption lottery, thousands didn't win. No need to show off that much. sorry I can only say honest words.

    1. You're right: Polina DID get lucky! She has an AMAZING family that cares about her SO much! So, just because thousands of other children didn't get a life like this, she shouldn't "show off?" I don't think you understand: It's not showing off. It's celebrating her child's life! Maybe a lot of children, adopted or not, don't have the greatest lives. But that doesn't mean Kendra should stop living her life with Polina.