Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy special day part 3

Once we were out of the city, I closed my eyes for a bit (jet lag!) and then we were in her city.

When we arrived at the orphanage, we had to check with the guard who wanted the passport of our facilitator. She couldn't find it and asked us for ours, but then found hers and all was good. we were then united with adoptive parents from Idaho we have been talking with since we started this adventure - the Gillettes. Yeah for the Gillettes!!!

To understand the rest, you have to understand that the Gillettes are only the second and us the third international adoption from this orphanage...EVER. 

We went into the director's office with the doctor and secretary. The director engaged in a loud argument with our facilitator. At first, I was okay, but as it dragged on and the secretary was watching me through the corner of her eye, I began to get nervous and pray. I asked God to please let this orphanage director who was clearly not happy with us being there allow us to see our daughter. I prayed that he would touch her heart. 

And then the questions started - why from Russia, why special needs. Our facilitator answered ,uh more in-depth than I did. At that point, the director called two women from the MOE over. We we,t outside and Chris translated the director's rant while we waited for the two ladies to arrive. They asked right off if the director had been rash to which our facilitator answered "always." 

They had a short discussion - much more merry and then asked Jason I about our house, community, and desires. they went to talk to the director and sent us to go drop our things off at the hotel, grab lunch for the Gilettes and be back in 90 min when the kids would be getting up from their nap. 

We were back at exactly 4:00. Pollina was the second child out the door. I went up to her and she asked if I brought her anything. (they ask all visitors that) Gretchen had tipped me off that she asked her for chocolate, so I was prepared. 

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