Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 2 Pictures

Here they are...sorry it took so long, but well worth the wait if you ask me!

LIP GLOSS!!! The girl would NOT let it go!

Sharing with Ma'ma

The girl LOVES the sand box! Can't wait to take her to a beach and let her play in it all day...with toys, so there's more to do than just throw it! You can see my handy language reference in my hand!

And we learned she loves to hand upside down...for a long time...over, and over, and over. Can you say "occupational therapy"?

I was soooo excited when she liked this fruit and berry sauce. Unfortunately, it was the only of the five flavors I took that she liked.

Blowing Raspberries on Ma'ma's arm

One of my fav's

This one is my favorite with Papa! They were having so much fun.

This is a very sweet and able 8-year-old who needs a Ma'ma and Papa of his own. 

Not happy with Ma'ma - showing my sassy side. See me peeking through my arms at the top?

Porridge swimming in butter - not a fan.

How about some sugar cubes with your tea?

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