Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Highlights - Day 2

A few highlights from day 2... Unfortunately the pictures aren't uploading, so I can't share those today.

We arrived shortly after their morning snack. They were already outside and Polina was facing away from us. I called her name and she turned with a huge smile. "Mama, Papa!"

OUR little girl reached up & hugged us!

We gave her a lip gloss and it was a total hit! She put it on herself, then me, and offerred Jason. She wouldn't let go of it, so we taught her to put it in her pocket. It came out many times during the visit and fell out of her pocket for a moment while we searched for it. Papa was the hero!

We took her a squeezable berry sauce (like those apple sauces). When I took the lid off, I squeezed a bit hard and some squirted out. I handed it to her and she proceeded to squeeze it out all over her clothes. I tried to catch it unsuccessfully. It was silly of me not to realize she didn't know what to do with it and that she would do just what I did. We showed her to eat it, and much to my delight, she loved it! The girl made me squeeze every last drop out of it!!!

I also gave her a raspberry on her belly. Her laugh was hilarious, but even better when she did it back to may arm.

And speaking of laughing, our sweet girl laughed so hard when her Papa pushed her on the merry-go-round so much, she couldn't even make noise when she opened her mouth so wide! I really wish I could show you that picture!

She is really loving getting to play on the playground equipment. The caregivers just leave them sitting in their wheelchairs watching the other kids play when they are outside. My hip doesn't like it, but it's every bit worth the sweet girl's smile! We are now in NEED of a swing set with a slide and a sandbox for Christmas!

Blessings from an exhausted Mama!


  1. Loved this update! Can't wait to see pictures. So amazing that she reached up and hugged you all, such a blessing from God.

  2. Oh my goodness! She is so sweet. I already love her so much. This is seriously making me tear up. She's beautiful and what an awesome family she has![: