Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy special day, part 4

We then gave her a book of our family we had mad e& our facilitator told her "your Mama and Papa have come." it was a little strange of a statement because it kind of sounded like we had always been her parents but were just now showing up. Anyhow, she flipped through the book and was intrigued with her "brat Ca-te" (brother Carter).  She asked for more chocolate & I told her through translation she could have one more and the rest were for tomorrow. She took one and said, "Ok, you're mine now." 

It wasn't until I reached my arms out to pick her up, with which she responded excitedly, that I knew she got it. She gripped around my neck so tightly I thought shed never let go. It was then I knew she knew we were her parents. 

We spent the rest of our time playing with a snack in between. She's sweet, and sassy. She's definitely smart and lives a survival of the fittest lifestyle. I'm excited to bring her home and teach her it doesn't have to be that way. 

Of the many sassy things she said, she told Chris to stop talking to her because she was talking to her parents now. We had to explain that we needed Chris to translate for us because we didn't understand her language. We took her some color wonder coloring pages and she told me flat out she wasnt going to color and she wasnt joking. We worked through some language barriers with body language and facial expressions. 

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. 


  1. Love seeing you all TOGETHER in the pictures, so amazing! Enjoy every minute with your sweet girl.

  2. Kendra, What a Beautiful story it is! What a year!! She's come along way, and I don't mean in miles. God has Blessed her with wonderful parents and a big brother too. How Awesome !!